7. Mirror Manicure

Be it Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, or even Facebook, mirror nails have taken social media by storm. It’s a trend that first got noticed in social media, and since then, millennials are crazy about it. If you are someone who loves to show off their inner bling through their nails, then go for it.

What To Expect?

Once all the basic manicure steps are complete, a thick coat of black (or any other dark nail polish) is applied on the nails. You can use gel nail polish for a lasting effect. The nail polish is dried (you may dry it under the UV lamp). After that, the chrome pigment is brushed on the nails to give that mirror effect. A thin top coat is applied, and then it’s again cured under the UV lamp.

8. Acrylic Manicure


Don’t have long nails? Then the acrylic manicure is your solution. It uses powder polymer and a liquid monomer to form a hard layer of acrylic nail over your nails. It’s a nail extension that is eventually camouflaged as your original nail. It’s best to get it done by an expert manicurist at a good salon.

What To Expect?
The manicurist buffs the nail surface to make it rough. This rough surface allows the acrylic nail to easily stick to your original nail surface. The gum-like acrylic mixture is carefully applied to your nails with a brush. It’s then sculpted using the brush and given the shape of nails. The rough ends are smoothened using the brush. Once it’s dried properly, nail polish is applied on the nail.



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