9. Vinylux Manicure


Do you easily get bored with the same style? Then Vinylux manicure is what you need. This nail manicure has an incredible staying capacity and can be easily removed.


What To Expect?

In this process, post the basic manicure steps, the manicurist will paint your nails with Vinylux nail color. These are available in various shades. You don’t need any base coat as this nail polish doesn’t chip easily. Two coats are applied, post which it’s finished off with a special top coat.


If you want, you can further embellish your nails using stones and stickers. These look pretty. While manicures are the most preferred way to pamper your hands, they can also have several risks. Here are a few things you need to consider to avoid any dangers.

10. Shellac Manicure

Too lazy to take care of your nails on a regular basis? If yes, then shellac manicure will be extremely handy for you. A blend of both gel and regular nail polish, shellac manicure is known for its durability. Which means – fewer chances of chipping.


What To Expect?

The manicurist first cleans, files, and shape your nails. After that, two coats of shellac nail polish is applied to the nails. Each coat is dried using a drier. Finally, a top coat is applied to the nails. Unlike gel manicure, shellac manicure makes your nails stronger. It lasts for about two weeks and doesn’t chip.


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