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1. Basic Manicure

If this is your first time, then it’s better to keep it simple and sweet. A basic manicure is fuss-free and is the best way to know what to expect in a manicure session. It’s fast and simple. Also, it’s easy to change if you are bored with it in a few days.
What To Expect?
Here, the manicurist first applies a lotion or cream or oil on your cuticles. Next, your hands will be soaked for 5 minutes in a bowl containing warm water. After that, the manicurist will dry your hands and clean the cuticles. The nails are trimmed, cleaned, and shaped. A quick hand massage follows this. After that, a base coat will be applied to your nails, followed by a color nail polish of your choice. The nail paint is then sealed with another coat of clear nail polish.

2. French Manicure

It’s chic. It’s stylish. A classic French manicure can never disappoint you. The crescent moon-like coats of white nail polish on the edges give your nails a crisp look. And nowadays the fashion-conscious divas continuously experiment with this classic form of manicure. So you will see a lot of varieties regarding color choices and embellishments.
What To Expect?
It’s very simple. The manicurist will paint your nails with a clear or beige or pale pink nail polish. Once it dries, the tip of the nail is painted with white nail polish in a crescent shape. But you can also paint the tip in different shades if you want to – and then give a colorful twist to the classic French manicure.

3. Reverse French Manicure

The reverse French manicure is a quirky and stylish version of the classic French manicure. Unlike the latter, this one has the crescent moon painted in the darker shade at the base of your nail, which is close to the cuticle. This is simple and stylish, and you can easily do this at your home.
What To Expect?
First, your nails will be cleaned, trimmed, and shaped. Your hands are soaked in lukewarm water for a few minutes. After that, the cuticles will be pushed back or clipped – as the crescent moon shape will be painted near them. Once it’s done, the nail is coated with clear nail paint. After it dries, a darker polish is applied on your nails. In this case, the moon will be painted in a lighter shade. However, you can even go for a darker moon with the rest of the nails in a lighter shade. Once the nail polish is applied and dried properly, the manicurist will draw the crescent shape moon at the base of the nail. It’s finished off with a coat of clear nail polish.
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