At Daisy Signature we know that a Spa treatment is important in helping you maintain physical, emotional and mental well being. Endless working hours, house chores, and busy routines turn into chaotic weeks and hectic life. But in this very fast-moving life, why ignore ourselves? When the body is not being taken care of, the speedily moving days become dull and lifelessly robotic. Stress, anxiety, toxicity, pain, muscle aches, and depression all need to go away, leaving behind a positive person alive in you. This can happen very easily by going to a spa and have the body muscles relaxed. A spa day can boost up your falling energy if you are getting it from the right place.

A spa day usually includes body massage that relaxes the stressed-out body muscles. It has been scientifically proven that massages trigger a relaxation response in the body, reduces anxiety, and enhances mood. It is typically followed by a relaxing facial that fulfills the demands of skincare. A facial is actually the workout of skin. Cleansing, exfoliation, and scrubbing remove dead cells from the skin and takes dullness away, leaving behind moisturized, nourished, and fresh skin. Standard services such as threading and waxing are for neatness, giving a clean look overall.


  • Pain relief
  • Relaxes body muscles
  • Maintains blood pressure
  • Enhances mood
  • Improves sleep
  • Glowing skin


Here are the services which you can enjoy at Daisy Signature and can spend quality time to pamper yourself.


Threading is an ancient, easy, and effective method to get rid of facial and body hairs. It is a quick method to give you clear and hair-free skin in a natural way. This service is provided not only for the facial zone but for any body part and how someone can deny its benefits. Following are some of the frequently asked questions about threading in general.


Threading is much safer than using hot wax to remove eyebrow hairs. Additionally, there are no side effects since no harmful chemicals are used.


Some of the key benefits of threading are, it is a quick process, and the results last longer (usually 2-4 weeks). Additionally, it is the gentlest form of hair removal and gives your brows a precise finish.


With threading, there is very little chance of skin irritation, as only the hair is getting yanked. “There is no pulling or straining your skin” says Jalpa.


Change your skin game now with amazing organic, brightening, and acne-free facials available for different skin types. Acne, aging, or dullness is not a problem anymore. Choose your type and bloom! Some of the keys benefits of Facial include

  • Glowing, soft, youthful, and clear skin
  • Provides hydration and brightens the complexion
  • Natural antioxidant to reduce aging, wrinkles, and fine lines


Getting hair on the body quickly is something that every woman is worried about. Everyone wishes for a technique that can go longer and Waxing is a solution to not only get rid of unwanted hair from roots for a longer period but regular use of this technique also reduces hair growth. Some of the key benefits of waxing include

  • No risk of cuts and nicks
  • No irritation and allergy-free
  • Smooth and even skin without any bumps or inflammation
  • Reduces hair growth and less chance of ingrown hairs

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