The internet is tips and tricks on stuff that you should do after a facial, but are we aware of the things which you should never do before a facial? In this post, we have compiled a list of 3  things which will help you in avoiding any disappointments after a facial treatment.


1. Don’t Spend a Day Under the Sun:

Before getting a facial done, you should not spend a whole day under the sun as it may affect your skin drastically. Facials help to repair the sun damage on your skin so, it needs some time to relax. Spending a day under the sun allows your skin to react with the anti-acne or anti-wrinkle ingredients used in your facial treatment, thereby leading to disappointments.

2. Avoid Using Exfoliating Products:

You should exfoliate your skin before a facial only if you are aware of the ingredients used in the making of the product. Most of the exfoliating products contain glycolic acid and retinol which is responsible for exfoliating the uppermost layer. However, when other facial products are used on the upper layer of skin, it may react with the retinol thus, leading to acne and boils on the skin.

3. Don’t Get Botox:

Undergoing a Botox treatment before a facial should be strictly prevented as it may affect your skin to a large extent. Even if you want to get a botox, it should be done 48 hours before the facial so that the freshly treated skin does not react with the ingredients used in the cream. You cannot massage a skin which is freshly injected and if it’s done, it may lead to terrifying pain.


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