I have had pimples for the longest time, since I was a teenager, we’ve used everything literally. It’s so bad that when I meet people and they ask me to use something that worked for them or someone they know. I’m so eager to hear what it is, when they tell me, I realize,  is something I have already used or tried.

I accepted it as part of me and gone through depression as a young girl, to low selfish, to finally accepting it and choosing to shine irrespective. I have a good life and I’m okay with whatever is on my face..I choose to stay beautiful irrespective.

However, I visited my sister in an Abuja and we went on a spa date, where I had a pedicure and facial. It felt good and soothing, so when I came back to Benin I decided to go once in a while. I found Daisy’s Signature Aesthetics on Instagram and discovered they had a branch here in Benin so I went for Pedicure and Facials. When I got there I had a long talk with the boss about my Acne and she told me it could be worked on. I laughed several times through this discussion because I know mine is impossible. After my pedicure she handled my Facials by herself and she told me if I can come often, at least once a month I wish see the difference.

After she was done, my face felt like that of a new born. She gave me some of her products like moisturizers and cleanses for free and we exchange phone numbers. I didn’t think she could solve my acne problem, but I knew for a fact that my face felt different, for real.

Accepting my acne filled face was one of the hardest things I ever got to do, but also one of the best decisions I’ve made. Saved me from depression, low self-esteem and a lot more.

However, visiting Daisy’s Signature Aesthetics here in Benin and having my Acne facials done every month is starting to change what I feel about my Acne. After visiting the spa twice, there were no visible changes on the outside, but I personally knew my face felt different. I don’t have to carry a powder everywhere I go any more because of my extremely oily skin. Now the oils on my face was moderate and just good enough.

I Started purchasing more of her products she prescribed for me.

I took her advice on my skincare routine and in 6months, without even knowing people started commenting on my face, my mum was the first to notice. The acne started to reduce little by little. My face became brighter and evenly toned. I thought I was confident before, but now I started to know what real confidence felt like.

My fiance started joining me to the spa some months, even though he couldn’t be consistent because of the nature of his job. He loves what the Acne facials were doing to my face.

This is me 8months after writing this, I don’t have a 100% perfect facial skin but I’m very close. My face is an angel now compared to the way it was 8months ago. Sorry, I have to run off now it’s time for my daily skin care routine.



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