People these days are more inclined to

healthy and sustainable lifestyle. From holistic exercises and fitness regimens to eating more robust by choosing organic food and regulating personal diets, many individuals are more proactive in taking steps to better and healthier ways of living. A step in this direction includes choosing the right skincare products for the body.


Modern studies show that toxins are significantly absorbed through human skin. And since the skin is considered the largest organ of the human body, lifestyle choices such as drinking purified water or eating healthy food are only some of the few ways to keep harmful toxins out of your system. But, if you’re looking to minimize the toxic substances that you and your family are exposed to daily, you might want to consider shifting to using organic soaps.


Like Puracy’s natural foaming hand soaps, organic soaps do not have any of the bad stuff found on regular soap products. Most skincare commodities being sold on the market today, like soaps, body lotions, and creams, contain questionable substances. And while the usage of these products might not have an immediate and visible impact on your health, the toxins absorbed daily by your body can lead to health issues over some time.


*Our Organic herbal Soap Vs. Regular Soaps*


Organic soap refers to soap products that are made of organic or natural ingredients. Unlike regular soaps which are mostly composed of synthetic chemicals, organic soaps are made up of ingredients that are either found in nature (Natural) or derived from living organisms (Organic), mainly plants.


Nowadays, the decision to buy what type of soap to use in households’ rests on the manufacturer’s claims and their products’ packaging. The regular soaps that are being sold in the market, such as beauty bars and anti-bacterial soaps, have been found to contain harmful chemicals.


On the other hand, organic products are made up of non-synthetic ingredients such as plant-derived base oils, natural fats, essential oils, water, and natural dyes.


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