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Being 100% was never something I saw as hard to reach. People make fun of me sometimes and call me Mrs perfect and yes, I own it with my chest.
As a kid my room I shared with my older sister was Always very neat and put together. All thanks to me. I was the uniform prefect at my secondary school. I use to carry two pairs of white socks to school. I enjoyed being whole. I enjoyed being flawless. Even with my academics I tried to be very efficient to make good grades. To me there was nothing good at not being admired or honored in whatever sense.
Beauty also has always been a thing for me when I became an adolescent. I avoided walking under the sun. I worked out to keep in shape. I washed my shoes immediately I wore them and took off. I was so put together that it was scary for pep around me and for the first time at the university I realized it may be in disorder that I have but I don’t care.
I saw Daisy’s Signature Aesthetics post on Instagram and realize they offer teeth whitening services. I knew I was going to get it done later in life because I thought it was going to be very expensive to afford now. However, when I saw the post I reasoned that it won’t cost anything to make inquiries, when I did I realize I could actually afford it..I was excited and I have booked my sessions. My exams end this weekend, so I am going to have my teeth whitened at a very affordable price. I’m excited.

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