Getting a Facial

Getting a full-treatment facial often means stepping into a new world of pampering and relaxation. First, you need to choose the right facial for you based on its purpose, type and price. A pre-facial consultation will allow the aesthetician to determine your skin type, which is important when deciding which products to use and procedures to include. The consultation also would give you a chance to warn the consultant about any products you might be allergic to.


During your consultation, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Good aestheticians will have no problem explaining what they plan to do and discussing the products they will use. Before the facial begins, make it clear what procedures or products you’d rather not use. Perhaps you don’t want blackheads plucked out because it’s too painful. Maybe you want to try only a little electric current stimulation on your face muscles, just to see what it’s like. There might be a line of skin products that has made your skin break out in the past. It’s your facial and your money, so you should get what you want. Let your aesthetician know what makes you comfortable or uncomfortable. Facials are meant to relax you, not to stress you out.

For the facial, which could last from 20 minutes to more than an hour, you’ll likely be taken to a darkened room illuminated by low lights or flickering candles. The smell of scented candles and oils might waft through the air while soft music plays. Upon entering, you might be asked to remove your clothing and wrap yourself in a soft towel or robe. You’ll lie down on a table or relax in a comfy recliner as your aesthetician applies various oils, creams, cleansers, toners and gels to your face and neck. After each application — while the aesthetician waits for a mask to work or a cream to soak into the skin — he or she might massage your face, neck, shoulders or feet.

So far, a facial might sound like it could be an enjoyable experience. But would it be a beneficial one? Keep reading to find out.



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