I’m in a tattoo shop here in Lagos Island, waiting for them to get back to me on the appointment date. This was impromptu, I planned to get this tattoo next year, but I woke up this morning and drove down here.

As I sit and wait for feedback, my mind flashed back to few years ago. I had just entered 300level in school (Uniben) and for some reason I was Bent on getting a tattoo that semester. I really loved it, I already figured how to hide it from my parents, my boyfriend was going to help me with part of the money. I planned to travel to Abuja to get it done.

The Time came and my Boyfriend was broke, I also didn’t have so much and I Did want to postpone it like I had done since 100level. I was still thinking of how to raise all the money I needed to travel and get it done when my roommates course mate mentioned someone here in Benin that does a clean job and that he learnt how to do it from South Africa. We quickly called him, continued the conversation on WhatsApp and agreed on everything. With transportation and hotel bills in Abuja out of the way, I could afford to get it done in Benin.

To cut the long story short I had a fight with my roommate’s course mate because they tattoo guy she introduced me to and assured me of drew a sick Chicken instead of an Eagle, like literally. I cried for days, I was hurt and even when my boyfriend tried to joke about it weeks later I curses him out and sent him out of my house. It was a serious thing.

Sorry, I have been called into the tattoo artist’s office, I’ll continue typing once we are done. I’ll like to tell you how some Spa company here in Benin, “Daisy’s Signature” helped me get rid of the stupid tattoo I had after a year.

To be continued….


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