Many people these days are interested in getting natural looking, fuller lips that are more plump, because youth is associated with naturally full lips. Coutless Hollywood Actresses, have proven that plumper lips make a difference in overall facial aesthetics.  Numerous people feel thin lips look unattractive, but they aren’t aware that aging and loss of collagen are just a few of the  reasons why lips become thin. We at SkinVolution in Glendale, AZ can help you with both collagen loss and the aging process.  LipLase, a non-invasive laser procedure, is one great way to get fuller lips and help maintain lip volume.  SkinVolution in Glendale can help fix your thinning lip issues and worries.

Facts about your lips

Just like our fingerprints, our lips also have their own uniqueness.  Their patterns of wrinkles make them unique in every way.  This can even be used as forensic evidence in isolated cases and is called cheiloscopy, which can help determine a person’s identity. The lips are the most sensitive part of our body, unlike the skin on our face, the lips consist only of three to five layers of cells and have millions of nerve endings. The thin layers means that blood flow is more apparent in your lip area.  The lips can also be the first indicator in showing when you are ill or feeling cold.  They can change in color from red to blue or become pale. Although some have highly pigmented lips, the change in color can still be evident.  Our lips don’t have sweat glands; thus, they do not sweat and lack the mechanism for protecting and keeping our delicate lip skin hydrated.  It is therefore not a surprise that our lips are more prone to drying quickly.  The lips have minimal melanin too, making them more sensitive to UV rays.  Putting on SPF containing lip balm or lipstick can help protect your lips and maintain healthy skin. Despite the natural beauty of our lips, some people still opt for options to make them look fuller and more voluminous.

How can you achieve plumper lips?

Having thin lips can be a problem for people who are born with naturally thin lips or for those that have lost volume in their lips because of aging.  Luckily, there are several ways to make them look fuller and achieve the result you want with your lips.  Making creative use of your lipstick can give you the desired effect.  A little color hue combination of your lipstick can create a perfect temporary illusion of fullness.  Topical creams enriched with hyaluronic acid are also an option as a lip booster.  Cosmetic solutions like Dermal Fillers and LipLase treatment can be   great options.  Dermal fillers are an injectable procedure with compounds derived from hyaluronic acid for a more long-lasting effect in the lips.  On the other hand, the LipLase treatment at SkinVolution in Glendale is currently the top favorite among their clients because of its effectiveness.

What is LipLase?

LipLase is a non-surgical and non-invasive laser lip treatment. It enhances the lips by creating more volume through collagen and elastin production within the lips.  It can also help define lip shape by enhancing the cupid’s bow.  It uses laser energy, creating a more natural-looking result than a dermal filler, which can sometimes give you “duck lips!”

What is the difference between the LipLase procedure and Injectables?

The two treatments differ in their treatment modalities. Lip augmentation with dermal fillers commonly uses hyaluronic acid.  Hyaluronic acid fillers help improve the shape, structure, and volume of your lips. These treatments can last up to six months. However, to maintain a fuller look, regular injections are required. One of the benefits of using hyaluronic acid filler is the control you have with your lips’ volume.  Whether you want more natural-looking lips or more pouty lips, lip augmentation with injectables can be your solution.  One of the side effects with any lip injectable is that it can lead to bruising.  Some of the other side effects of dermal fillers and lip injectables are bleeding from the injection sites, redness, tenderness, infection, and it can sometimes cause reactivation of cold sores.  The LipLase procedure on the other hand, targets a more natural way of providing you fuller lips by enhancing your body’s own collagen production to achieve fuller, more voluminous defined natural lips.  It has minimal to no side effects since it only uses heat laser energy to stimulate the regeneration of your collagen, making it a safer procedure.  The procedure will make you feel some heat around your lips while it is being done but that fades after the procedure is over.  It does take at least 6 weekly treatments to achieve naturally fuller lips, but it can be more affordable than injectables because it lasts longer and only requires maintenance with one treatment every 3 months.

How does LipLase Work?

LipLase is done from the inside of the mouth and the outer area as well. There is no needle involved, which makes the procedure, a comfortable experience. It poses no bruising or other adverse effects, and neither does it have any downtime recovery.  The laser energy on LipLase utilizes its heat, targeting the deepest layers of the skin to stimulate the increased production of the collagen.  Collagen is essential is for skin laxity, volume, and anti-aging. Collagen and Elastin are needed to keep our skin from sagging and to maintain skin’s elasticity.  The loss of collagen caused by aging is a natural phenomenon.  After the age of 20, a person produces 1% less collagen per year.  This is further reduced with menopause for women.  Ensuring we have enough collagen helps us maintain a more youthful appearance, and the lips are no exception.  Having enough collagen in our lips can give us tighter, voluminous, and smoother lips.

What to expect from LipLase treatment?

Each session of LipLase treatments takes less than 30 minutes.  No anesthesia or numbing agents are necessary because the procedure is virtually painless and has zero downtime recovery. Although you may feel minimal warmth caused by the laser energy all over your lips during the procedure, it will be gone after the treatment.  Give us a call at SkinVolution in Glendale, AZ to set up your free consult to see if this treatment is right for you.

How many sessions do I need for LipLase treatment?

To achieve full visibly plump lips, it is essential to have weekly treatments for six weeks and at least one treatment ever three months for maintenance treatments. Keeping a regularly scheduled treatment ensures the continued fullness of your lips. It helps maintain and regenerate the collagen you need to avoid losing the elasticity which can cause the sagging and thinning of your lips.

Is the result of LipLase treatment immediate?

LipLase treatment promotes natural collagen regeneration and therefore is dependent on your body’s natural ability to produce collagen.  It is a gradual treatment process that results in subtle and less visible effects in the first weeks but becomes more evident after a few sessions, giving you not just fuller lips but also smoother ones. It is perfect for those who want the natural approach to rejuvenated and voluminous lips.

Can LipLase affect my lip sensation?

No. LipLase stimulates your collagen production in your lips to get you the desired results and does not have any side effects that could trigger loss of sensation to your lips. Since it has no downtime, you can go back to your routine right after the treatment.

Overall, the LipLase procedure is proven to be safe and efficient.  It is the best alternative to injectable dermal fillers for more defined and naturally plump looking lips without surgery.  The results of this treatment are more subtle compared to other lip augmentation treatments.  It is quick, convenient, virtually painless, and delivers a natural way of having enhanced lips. Moisturizing and Hydrating products for your lips ensure the long-lasting effects of voluptuous lips from LipLase treatment.



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