Massage is basically the practice of rubbing and applying pressure on the body or some specific parts using the hands. In a massage, a trained massage therapist applies pressure on the muscles and joints of your body, mostly to reduce pain, stiffness and tension. The pressure applied can be gentle or strong, depending on the requirement and choice. There are several types of massage across the globe. While some help in treating musculoskeletal problems and injuries, including sports and deep tissue massages, others aims to provide relaxation, like reflexology. Read the article further to know about the main types of massage and their benefits.

Types of massage and their benefits

Each type of massage has its own unique benefits. You can choose any type of massage you want, depending on the purpose of your massage. Listed below are 7 main types of massage and their benefits:


1. Stone massage


Stone massage or hot stone massage is considered best for people who are suffering from muscle pain and tension and also for those who just wish to relax. It is a type of therapeutic massage and quite similar to Swedish massage. The massage therapist mainly uses heated stones along with their hands. They mostly apply pressure using those massage specific stones. Here are the benefits of stone massage:
  • Reduces stress
  • Decreases pain
  • Less muscle tension
  • Better blood flow
  • Relaxing massage

2. Thai massage

Thai massage is a type of massage that works on the whole body in a sequence of movements that are mostly like yogic stretching. The massage therapist will use his palms and fingers to apply pressure to the body. It helps in stretching and twisting your body in different positions. Thai massage is beneficial for people who want an active type of massage and want to ease pain and stress. Here are the benefits of Thai massage:

  • Treats headache and back pain
  • Eases joint stiffness
  • Boosts energy
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Increase flexibility and movement

3. Lymphatic massage

Lymphatic massage, which is also called lymphatic drainage is a massage that is done in circular motions. The therapist applies pressure for better movement of lymph fluid in the lymphatic system. It is mostly done to decrease lymphedema, a condition in which there is a swelling, when the lymph fluid is not able to flow normally, leading to recollection of fluid. People often get a lymphatic massage to enjoy the benefits listed below:

  • Lymphatic massage drains the lymph fluid that gets collected after a breast cancer surgery
  • Reduces pain by helping with the lymph fluids circulation
  • Decreases swelling lymphedema and pain

4. Swedish massage


Swedish massage is a type of massage that is considered best for first timers. It is a gentle full body massage, especially for people who want a gentle touch on their body. It can help in treating muscle knots, and it is good for people who want to relax completely while getting a massage. For Swedish massage, you have to remove all your clothes. The therapist will cover your with a sheet, while lying on the massage table. The massage expert will actively work on different areas of your body one by one. Here are the benefits of Swedish massage:

  • Increases the oxygen levels in your bloodstream
  • Reduces muscle toxins
  • Improves blood circulation and flexibility
  • Less stress and boosts happy hormones
  • Reduces muscle tension
  • Enhances the immune system

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