*What is Manicure?*

Manicure is a cosmetic beauty treatment for your fingernails and hands which can make them even more cool. “Manicure” came from the french word manucure which means “care of the hands”, and the original words which was then translated in manucure was Latin words, manus which means hands and cura which means for cure. Manicure treatment can be done at home and saloon too. Manicure includes many different procedures to make your fingernails and hands lovely. Like filling your nails, shaping them, pushing them by using a pusher, clipping any non-living tissue, massage of the hands and other treatments. Manicure also include’s painting your nails in the treatment, you can have pictures or designs on your hands. And you can have small jewels or decals on your nails too, and can have Artificial nails and other applications to make them adorable.

*What is Pedicure:*

Same as manicure cosmetic beauty treatment of feet and legs are referred to as Pedicure. Word Pedicure was made up of Latin words pedis which means “of the foot”, and cura which means “care”. In pedicure, person gets whole treatment for the legs and feet to make them look more attractive. Just like Manicure, you can get pedicure treatment at saloon or you can do this treatment by yourself at home. Mostly girls gets pedicure for their toenails, feet and legs. Pedicure treatment can be done for cosmetics, therapeutic and other medical purposes like you can get safe from many nail diseases and nail disorder’s which you should take care of. Pedicure is now common in the whole world, especially the young women loves to take the pedicure treatment to make their legs and feet prettier.
Through Pedicure  treatment not only the toenails get care, but the dead cells on the bottom of your feet gets removed through this treatment. To remove these dead cells, a rough stone is used to rub your feet. The Skin treatment you get in pedicure is mostly up to the Knee. And a person getting Pedicure treatment also gets moisturizing treatment, massage treatment and other treatments.

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