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Ugly feet is a stigma for me. Well, you won’t understand till you see your feet in slippers and other people’s and it looks like you didn’t have a bath when u actually did

Growing up I was in the streets, our feet’s and toe nails and all was a mess and we never took extra care of it during our adolescence age because we were broke too. That must have contributed to this whole thing.

My friend came by one day and I humourously told him about this situation, he had a good laugh and blamed me for keeping the mindset of men not needing to do anything extra for beauty and maintenance purposes. However, he was very certain that I needed a Pedicure to improve blood flow and strengthen the muscles in my feet amongst other things. His friend owns a spa called Daisy’s Signature Aesthetics here in Lagos, he gave me her number and asked me to talk to her and book an appointment.

I called her the next day and had a conversation about this. She sounded very exposed and experienced and told me I simply needed a Pedicure. She went further to explain why this was a necessary procedure and how I would have to come and have one from Time to Time. And as I do so my feet will begin to look better and the day goes by.

I believed her and was having a Pedicure twice a month. When I was too busy I request for home service. Sher staffs come by my house (few Times the office) and I have my feet treated. I stopped paying attention to my feet till I started getting complements from my girlfriend, close staffs and friends about my feet. I really felt good.

As we speak facials, pedicure and sometimes massages are services I get from time to time. I no longer think it’s just women that need to pay extra attention to their bodies apart from having a bath everyday.


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