Men Massage

I grew up believing as a man, u have no relationship with beauty and shining things and all that. As long as I take my bath, put on my shirt and pants and good to go. The beauty part Belongs to women. That is, going to the spa, salon etc.

Nice, but So I got some sets of amazing slippers and sandals but I realized my feet didn’t look good in them like the feet of other guys I have come across or seen in the magazines.

My feet were dull looking, like something that wasn’t washed in the morning. I apply lotion, but it still remained same. My toe nails were dark with a dirt like the look, the complexion of my foot skin was not same as the rest of my body, the edges had cracks and all. I couldn’t continue with the Sandals and Slippers, I only wore them when I’m inside my Office.

I know alot of people are experiencing same or similar issues and you have questions. If I tell you how easy it was to change this stigma, you wonder believe it.

To be continued…


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