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Titi an Auxiliary nurse at Federal Medical Center here in Lagos, according to her story has been having issues sleeping and has also been feeling very fatigued at the time. She has this to say; “It was really a bad time for me, I didn’t understand what was going on, I even had a pregnancy test, not that I have been active sexually but it was just confusing. I washed sleeping well enough, I was always moody at work and it affected me relationship with my superiors and patents.


I had some medications, though, which only improved my sleep a bit, but didn’t do quite a great job. The only time I didn’t feel moody was when some money entered my account. My friends said I need to have more sex which I did lol but it didn’t change anything. I just took the whole situation from the way it was and it had been like that for a couple of weeks.

Luckily for me my friend Vanessa had a birthday coming and her boyfriend payed for her and her friends to go to the spa to get some pedicures and massages and that was my miracle.

It was at Daisy’s Signature Aesthetics Lagos, we just went there to have some fun and get free massages and all, little did I know my life was about to change. I loved the pedicure and my feet were happy, I mean, they felt really good. Then the Massage, oh my God!

My body had never experienced such Bliss in a long time. Every part of my Body felt reborn, every tissue, every muscle, I felt born again literally. By the time the masseuses were done, I slept off.

To be continued….


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