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Titi and auxiliary nurse at the Federal Medical Center here in Lagos was just speaking about her situation with fatigue and not being able to get enough sleep forever weeks. Which led to bad mood swings and affecting her productivity at work. She’s tried medications and all but it could only help a little.

Accordingly, to her, she came with her friends to get an all paid treat for a massage and a pedicure at Daisy’s Signature Aesthetics (Lagos Branch) by her friend’s boyfriend. She slept off like a baby after the massage for the first time in weeks. She continues;

“For a minute I didn’t know where I was, my friends told me that they knew I had has issues sleeping so they were happy this was happening. They almost thought I was dead, so they had to come check if I was still breathing, look. I slept for 1hr,30mins before they woke me up and it took me 20mins to finally get up. Ngozi, one of our friends was the one that drove us there, she had to pick her kids from their grandma’s house and it’s close to my house, so she insisted she drops me at home.

I was speaking hilarity on our way home that I felt born-again, it was a joke but that’s how I really felt. I was happy and was strong, felt fit, I promised I was going back there the next weekend.

I got home and couldn’t wait for the night time so I could sleep again. That night I slept and woke up refreshed. From that they I became a Daisy’s Signature Aesthetics Ambassador and also my regular client. Anybody that has similar issues I advise them to get a massage therapy. I think it’s really underestimated. I get a massage, facial and pedicures once every month since that day.

Bad mood, Fatigue, Muscle pain/injury, or Unrelaxed? Get a massage!


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