I’ve been a fan of big brother Nigeria for many years now. I usually spend a lot of my savings to vote for certain housemates that I had fallen in love with. Sometimes I even get involved in fights view all and once physically because of how emotional I get with these things.

This last season was really special and intense, I rooted for a particular house mate and made the most of her. Though she didn’t make it very far in the game like I hoped, I still loved her endlessly.

There was a trend at this time where fans tattoo the name the face of a celebrity they really love and I felt I loved this particular housemate to the point where I can tattoo her initials and live with it for the rest of my life. I thought this would also get her attention and recognized her biggest fan in the world.

I got the tattoo done after a week of having this thought, but still during that trend. I had the tattoo, made a video, tagged her and posted it on Instagram.

It got the attention of blogs, I was happy though I received a lot of insults, but what mattered to me was this comment or attention of this celebrity i had written her initials on my body….I finally did and now I wished I never done it in the first place…. To be continued


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