non surgical fat reduction



I was asking and searching for two months. Searching for where in Nigeria I could do a successful cryolypolisis Because I wanted to get rid of fats in certain parts of my body that dieting and workouts could not changed.

I had seen some places but I wasn’t so sure about them. I need to see videos, proofs of a successful fat freezing session. I found Daisy’s Signature Aesthetics on Instagram and made enquiries. To be honest with you, I wasn’t so sure too but I had seen videos and proofs that they can get it done.

I took the leap of faith and booked for a session and that was the best decision I made in 2021. The equipments used were topnotch, the Aesthetician seemed very professional, the results were unbelievable. As we speak, I’ve introduced over 6 people to this company in the space of 7months.

Daisy’s Signature Aesthetics don’t know what they did for me. I think I owe them more money for the work they did.


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