non surgical fat reduction
I grew up liking my body and my shape, but getting to my twenties when I became sexually active I noticed that I started adding some weight. Not Saying being sexually active gave me some weight, but maybe that’s the reason lol. I still liked my body, though, but my upper arms, and inner thighs are unbearably fat.
This has affected what I wear and how I wear them. It has been uncomfortable for me and it has also messed with my confidence over time. My boyfriend on another hand jokingly makes fun of this my extra fat, it was cool then but later it started getting to me.
I spoke to friends about it and they encouraged me not to pay attention to it. Saying it should not affect my confidence. They suggested I diet and do a lot of exercises. I started to do the whole diet and exercise thing, but I just felt healthier it didn’t necessarily Change anything. This bothered me for a long time. Though I continued with the exercises and dieting.
It got to the point I Started contemplating surgery. I started googling Trying to find out where I can do a surgery and how much it cost and then I found out something called cryolypolsis on the internet. It’s also called fat freezing. It’s a non-surgical procedure that uses cold temperature to reduce fat deposits in certain areas of the body. But the question was where in Nigeria will I see where this can be done successfully.
To be continued…

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