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I have a very oily skin. I take a bath and everything good till I go out and start feeling weird after 30mins because my face is all oily.
I always need a handkerchief, a baby wipe or sometimes some powder to keep my face stable, so to speak.
At every given opportunity I get to wash my face. I wash my face every time I get the opportunity to see a wash hand basin. I almost started carrying soaps along when I go out. I hate an oily face.
I know there was a solution or solutions to this, but I didn’t have so much money to throw around or you get some treatments from a spa or something.
I always have people talking to me about getting this or that, I plan to get them, but I also saw it as something to do in the future.
I always felt I didn’t have the money to get it done, but my mistake was that I never asked. I was more concerned about my rent, feeding, clothing and stuff I bought for the pimples I always had coming out on my face as a result of my oily face.
I managed this situation for years, though I knew that when I get comfortable financially, I will get to work on my face/skin.
If only I prioritized this, I wouldn’t have had to put up with this situation that messed up my self esteem for a while.
I just moved to Lagos and I was staying with my friend. My friend had a Friend that is a dermatologist and we all got talking one day. She had come by the house several times and so we were very familiar with each other already.
We talked about a lot that day and somehow it led to us talking about my skin and everything. She spoke to me about things I can do and things I can use, but then she saw my body language and made me understand that it’s something that is very achievable by breaking down the prices and how accessible they are. This conversation changed my life because I found out I could have solved this my problems because it was as expensive as I thought it will be.
I didn’t want to believe it could be this easy and cheap until I actually did it and it worked. All I did was take supplements, vitamin C and a moisturizer, with a couple of facial sessions at Daisy Signature Aesthetics, Lagos. This roughly cost me 100k in the space of 3months and my problems ended 100%.
I realized my mistake was assuming skin care was very expensive. My mistake was not prioritizing it like I did with clothes and perfumes. I had suffered for over 10years, for something that could be solved in 3months and an affordable sum. Damn!

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