How a Day at the Spa Can Benefit Your Mental Health

2. Boost Confidence

Self-esteem serves a motivational function in relationship to achieving optimal health. Your level of self-esteem can make it more or less likely that you will take care of yourself and explore your full potential in life. People who suffer from low self-esteem are less likely to feel deserving of positive outcomes and are less resilient to adversity.

Spa therapy can help improve self-confidence. A massage can help you focus on your body in a more positive way. The mood boost provided by the increases in dopamine and serotonin can act as a reinforcement for caring for your body in other ways, such as exercising more and establishing healthy eating habits.

Improving your self-esteem can be achieved by, among other things, improving your physical body. Many spas offer a wide variety of body treatments to exfoliate and nourish your skin. The benefits of body treatments go beyond improving your physical appearance. Body treatments such as mud wraps help promote body detoxification, ease inflammation, and relax your muscles.

Like other spa therapies, this improvement to your physical being will extend to your mental wellness. When you take care of your body and pamper it, you will, in turn, have a more positive view of yourself.


3. Promote Relaxation

Achieving a state of relaxation regularly is necessary to allow your mind and body to recover from the physical impact of stress you deal with throughout the day. Studies show that soaking in warm water, such as hot tub therapy, can reduce the amount of cortisol in your system. By spending time relaxing in therapeutic baths, you can experience physical changes that will result in mental benefits such as reduced anxiety and increased relaxation.

Spending the day at the spa enjoying a deep tissue massage can release the built-up stress that manifests as tight muscles in your neck and shoulders. This release of tension allows the muscles to relax, and in turn, the mind relaxes too.

A facial involves cleansing, exfoliating, and hydrating the face while giving your facial tissue a light relaxing massage sure to help put your mind at ease. It also relieves tension in the head and neck, which can reduce headaches.

Another opportunity to promote relaxation is a foot spa, good for you mentally and physically. Most traditional foot massages focus on relaxing the muscles in the lower legs and feet and increasing blood flow to the joints. Adding aromatherapy to the foot spa experience enhances the feeling of relaxation by acting on several senses simultaneously.

4. Encourage Better Sleep

To feel your best mentally, it is important to get enough sleep. Regular spa therapy can help you get a better night’s rest. Choosing a deep tissue massage will not only relax your muscles, but it will also release serotonin into your body. Your body needs to build up a surplus of serotonin to begin converting it to melatonin, the primary sleep hormone. Hot stone therapy, in conjunction with a massage, can reduce pain and improve sleep.

Another option to consider if you are looking to get a better night’s sleep is water therapy, such as a hot tub. Soaking in hot water will relax you both physically and mentally. An additional benefit of hot tub therapy is that after you get out of the water, your body’s internal core temperature drops, which in turn signals your body that it is time to rest.


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