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10 Unique Service Additions Your Clients Will Love

Between destination spas, day spas, medical spas, resort spas, and basically everything in between, it can be difficult to differentiate your spa from the rest. The trick to standing out among the crowd is getting creative. It’s important do your research, develop an idea, and then perfect it – don’t over do it with too many half-done o

Laser Stretch Mark Removal
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Other Stretch Mark Removal Treatments

Cosmetic dermatologists offer a variety of non-surgical alternatives for treating stretch marks. Popular and effective options include chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and blue light therapy. These are good options for patients who want to avoid surgery, and they are generally less expensive than laser stretch mark removal. Like all non-surgical

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How a Day at the Spa Can Benefit Your Mental Health Modern life means beating deadlines, virtual home offices, and homeschooling, and information overload from multiple social media sites, not to mention keeping your home clean, cooking, remembering to shower, and trying to maintain a social life while social distancing. Your current lifestyle is li

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Our skin is constantly faced with daily irritants. From buildup of dead skin cells, oil residue, changes to the weather, and even stress, there are many factors working against our skin’s natural radiance. While most skin care regimens focus on stripping makeup and dirt buildup and restoring glow in our face, skin cleansing solutions for our body o

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