The first public bath was created by the Roman Empire more than 2000 years ago . As with traditional hammam baths, Roman baths featured rooms of varying temperatures. This way, it was possible to stimulate the circulation as well as detoxify the body by sweating out impurities, ensuring a deep cleanse.

The concept of the public bath caught on with the rest of the world shortly after, with Morocco as one of the first countries to embrace this way of bathing. Citizens approved of the way they were able to keep themselves clean and their skin nourished, all while being able to sit and chat with their neighbours.
Today the hammam bath is still highly prevalent in Moroccan culture, with many Moroccans attending baths weekly.


As well as the skin-softening and nourishing effects and the naturally exfoliating and antibacterial benefits, hammam also does the following:
  • Boosts the immune system. The hot steam used during hammam boosts the immune system by dilating the blood vessels and increasing circulation in the body, opening pores so toxins can be released.
  • Rejuvenates the body. There is something genuinely transformative about the power of hot steam to restore tired, aching muscles.
  • Intensely invigorates. The intense scrubbing and massage you experience during hammam lead to your body experiencing a considerable increase in blood flow, in turn, stimulating and awakening the senses.
  • Relaxes the mind and body. Thanks to its use of intense heat and steam, as well as the relaxing massage element, you’ll find it hard to find a treatment more pampering and relaxing than hammam.

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