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Face Mask Facial

Facemasks are really good to deeply moisturise and clean your skin. You could go au naturelle and make your own with some fresh ingredients, following a recipe found here or here.

Alternatively, you could pop to Lush and buy one of their fresh face masks. Just remember to put a clean flannel, eye mask or cucumber over your eyes for the complete spa experience.


Part of what makes spa’s so relaxing is the atmosphere. So make sure that you’ve got some aromatherapy oils burning in the background, or add a couple of drops of lavender oil to our bath. It’ll help you sleep too!

Steam Facial

A steam facial is a good follow up to the face mask. After you’ve cleaned the facemask away, open your pores by filling a large bowl with boiling water, essential oils, and placing it underneath your face. A clean towel over your head will help to trap in the steam.

Exfoliate With A Body Scrub

Body scrubs are really good for exfoliating your skin, and it’s so easy to forget to do it regularly. You can make your own coffee and coconut scrub using this recipe, or buy some already made in nice packaging that’ll look cool in your bathroom. Coffee is meant to reduce tired eyes, so this scrub can be used on your face as well as body.

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