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My stretch marks challenge lasted for a long time. A very long time. Those were times I felt ugly again, the first time I felt ugly was my my ex left me for a light skinned girl (which he always complemented on the videos I saw on social media), which drove me to getting creams and products to lighten my skin. Rejection feels bad.

But this time it was me rejecting myself. It was me that Tried to use creams and products to lighten my skin so I can accept myself. I did this to myself. I wish I moved on after my break up, maybe I would have found somebody better that would make me feel better about myself.

I’ve been depressed, I’m faced with stretch marks issues, they make me feel low and less confident about myself. I know super heroes are not real, but I might have just found one on Instagram.

I sent Daisy’s Signature Aesthetics a direct message on Instagram just after I saw the wonders their Laser Stretch Marks Removal had done with people with even worse stretch marks like myself. They responded to me in less than 30mins and we had a conversation. They assured me it will be fine. I sent images of the affected areas via WhatsApp and I was told the price. I didn’t have the money at the time, but even if it was twice what they mentioned,  I would do anything to get that money.


5weeks after, I went for my Laser Stretch Marks Removal Session and it changed my life. I owe it to them (Daisy Signature Aesthetics).

I  currently see this guy and he makes me feel better about myself, he treats me like the only one in the world and even if no one does, I’ll treat me  like one.



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