Laser Stretch Mark

Years back my boyfriend in University broke up with me after 2years just to start dating someone else. I was broken and hurt for months and I became obsessed with the new girl he was dating in a negative way. I stalked them on Social Media to see what they were doing together everyday. Whenever he posts her picture on Facebook, he always talks about her skin color. She was light skinned and I was brown incomplete. That whole situation messed up my brain, it made me hate My color and I wanted to do anything to appear lighter, maybe that way I will never get heart broken again.

I used a lot of skin lightening creams, for the first 2years it was really working and I was close to the skin complexion I desired. I still got heartbroken again by another guy but what really bothered me this time was the kind of stretch marks I started to have. I wasn’t able to wear armless clothes again because it was all over my arms. I couldn’t lots like getting into the pool because I couldn’t wear a trunk. My skin was light so it made the giant Stretch Marks more obvious.

This challenge got me depressed literally, I stopped going out, my phone became my best friend and social media my company. I bumped into Daisy’s Signature Aesthetics Instagram page and saw many people they helped with even worse stretch marks than mine with their Laser Stretch Marks Removal. I saw how many people got theirs confidence back from this treatment. It was One of the best days of my life.


To be continued….


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