Top Ten Tips For Caring For Your Hands And Feet

Manicure & Pendicure Daisy Signature

Manicure & Pendicure Daisy Signature

You probably go to great lengths to take care of your body – you eat right, exercise regularly, and invest in products that keep you healthy. If you are like many people, though, you may not be giving your hands and feet the care they need.


Apply sunscreen to your hands – and to your feet when you go barefoot. Choose an SPF of 15 short exposures to the sun of an hour or less, but opt for a higher SPF when you are out in the sun for longer periods. The sun’s rays can dry out your skin and even cause sunburn to your hands or feed, which is uncomfortable and very inconvenient.


If you have a stubborn hand or foot problem, consult with a doctor or specialist. Your doctor can prescribe medications to treat stubborn problems, a dermatologist can diagnose and treat skin disorders, and a podiatrist can help your feet feel better.

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