If you haven’t yet heard of hammam, you are bound to soon. This treatment makes itself known around the world for being a relaxing and cleansing Moroccan ritual that is centuries old.
Hammam differs slightly from the traditional thermal spa. While both are profoundly relaxing and good for the skin, rather than using thermal waters, hammam treatments use hot steam to encourage a deep and invigorating cleanse.
Many hammam treatments also use vitamin-E rich, olive-based soap known for its skin-nourishing and exfoliating properties. Additionally, some treatments may include rhassoul clay, an antibacterial mineral that effectively and safely removes toxins and impurities from the body, reduces sebum and tightens pores.


The tradition of bathing is an integral part of Middle Eastern and North African culture, often taking place in beautiful old bath-houses. Bathing is as much a place to gather and talk, as it is a place to relax and clean yourself.
Two of the most common types of baths are the Moroccan hammam and the Turkish bath. While both are popular, the Moroccan hammam is often favoured because of its use of steam over water. Steam does wonders for softening skin, relaxing the mind, and opening the pores for a deep cleansing experience.

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