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There are many benefits of using a cleanser to wash the face. Soaps have a general pH level of between 9 and 10, which make your skin feel very clean but at the same time, it makes skin way too harsh and dry. Soaps remove all the natural oils from the face and this can cause a host of new problems. Like if face skin is overly dry and flaky, it can lead to premature fine lines and wrinkles on the face which is a sign of old age. But if we talk about face wash or cleansers, they are generally at a much lower pH level comparing to soaps and makes your skin look glowing, attractive and soft.

It is very important for you to wash your face once in a day with our Face Wash to make it soft and healthy. The Wash helps in removing all the dirt from the face, it cleans the face deeply and cleans all the impurities.

Get yours now and thank us later!!!



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